Volunteering & Internship Program:

As an on-ground impact driven organisation, we attach primacy to our Volunteering and Internship programs. We treat it as our responsibility to engage from all walks of life about our work and ignite the passion towards social causes. We appreciate the interest of the motivated individuals to contribute towards the cause or learn more about our work.

Creating a social-credit ecosystem

At IndiGive, we aspire to create a paradigm where goodness is shared, promoted and valued. The social credit ecosystem entails an approach recognizing the acts of giving and volunteerism. We believe that growing together as a community and society is a way of life, where acts of goodness should be part of one’s upbringing and life at large.
The organisation advocates for valuation of social good, and promotes institutionalisation of transferable social credits as markers of one’s civic contributions and their exchange with academic credit system to promote holistic development of one’s personality and character as suggested in the New Education Policy 2020. We actively work with institutions and organisations for institutionalisation of social credits in their program structure to create a flourishing social credit ecosystem.

Apart from regular summer & winter volunteering camps, we also invite volunteership applications from individuals. We also curate virtual volunteership opportunities for interested individuals across the globe as we believe that your geography or nationality should not be a roadblock in your ability to do good!

Register yourself for experiential volunteership opportunities by filling up details in the form attached below:

We partner with schools, colleges and other educational institutions for customised internship camps for their students. Additionally, we seek convergences with programs and schemes like the National Service Scheme and public, public-aided and private organisations to stimulate interns towards the social causes and initiate conversation about them.

To apply for an internship program, reach out to use by registering through following link to form:

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